Funds + Performance

BTC Based Hedge Fund

This fund is suitable for people who want to stack more satoshis and ultimately increase their BTC count. This fund was started back in September 2018.

We saw the great 6k USD to 3k USD crash as well as alts getting a further beating the whole year. Even though this was considered a “bear market” year, we found great opportunities to increase our BTC holdings for our clients. We performed successfully. Our idea of investing was simple: We decided to engage in calculated risk, provide downside protection, and deliver consistent profits. Below is the fund performance since inception. While alt markets were approx 90% down in the same period (calculated data), we not only saved our investors capital, but also provided healthy returns in the same period.

We are confident these numbers will continue to ramp up as broader markets participate in the rally for more Bitcoin.

TUSD Based Hedge Fund

Our TUSD fund was launched in March 2019. This fund was started for “no-coiners” or new investors who are simply interested in making returns on investment without much exposure to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. The aim of this fund is to stack more money by taking advantage of longing & shorting strategies.

After delivering considerable returns with our BTC Fund in the initial 6 months of operations, our TUSD based hedge fund started with the same principle of taking calculated risk, provide downside protection, and deliver consistent returns, having the added hedge against volatility by “taking profit” to 1:1 USD backed TUSD.