Introducing Sicario – Professional Trader On Demand

Sicario generally means ‘Hired Hitman’ in Spanish. At Amesten asset, a Sicario will be your hired trader on demand.

We at Amesten Asset always go above and beyond to revolutionize fund management industry, and introducing ‘Sicario – Professional Trader on Demand’ is that revolution part of our revolution.A world first, we are the first fund management company to do so.

‘Sicario – Professional Trader On Demand’ stands for: Your Time | Your Place | Our Skills.

A unique kind of fund management where the fund, time remains completely in your control and the best part is we visit your place and trade for you.

Our Traders have a proven track record of being successful traders in various industries such as Crypto, Forex, Equity, Commodity, etc.

Each Trader will work as per your risk appetite and goals, and as per your needs. It is your choice. Whether your risk appetite is low or high, our the fund manager will trade as conservatively or aggressively as your require.

For now the service is enabled in the cities listed below, and soon we will be expanding to more and more locations:

Sicarios can be paid in two ways:

Profit Sharing – 20% commisions on gains.

Hourly – Fee ranges right from $2/hr to $200/hr depends on the size of portfolio.

You can hire a Sicario for minimum of 4 hours and maximum for 48 hours.


Fund Performance till January’19 since inception

For booking a Sicario or to answer any questions you may have, email us on

As the number of the Traders increase, we will create an online marketplace where you can select them based on their past records, ratings, and reviews.

Of course, if you yourself dream of becoming a Sicario in your city, then reach out to Sachin Jain on his LinkedIn.

And remember, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile in nature. Investment in cryptocurrecies is subject to market risk. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns.

Also you have been pranked. Happy 1st of April, thanks for playing along.

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