One Step ahead: Quick look back on our 1st year anniversary, future plans, and more.


A Quick Look Back

We can’t believe we have successfully completed one year of operations of our hedge fund. Looking at how things were in the crypto market last year in August/September considering the upcoming Bitcoin Cash forks and the lingering “bear market” of 2018, it was challenging to know how things will pan out. But, even after all these challenges, here we are. We have been successful throughout these tough times, and now we are better than ever before.

We started our operations on the 15th of September 2018 with the first batch of our loyal investors. We started with our ‘BTC based hedge fund’ with the goal of stacking up more satoshis for each and all of our investors. A commonly asked question from our investors was about the benchmark of the fund performance, to which our reply was simple: “Given the market conditions we will focus on protecting what you hold and take no further beating’’. We asked our investors to get rid of all non-performing tokens by converting them to BTC, and to leave it to us to manage.

We saw the great USD$6k to USD$3k crash as well as alts suffer a further beating the whole year. Even though this was considered a “bear market” year, we found great opportunities to increase our BTC holdings for our clients. We performed successfully. Our idea of investing was simple: We decided to engage in calculated risk, provide downside protection, and deliver consistent profits.

Below is our BTC Fund performance since inception. While alt markets were approx 90% down in the same period (aggregated data), we not only saved our investors capital, but also provided healthy returns in the same period.

We are confident these numbers will continue to ramp up as broader markets participate in the rally for more Bitcoin.

Our TUSD Fund was launched launched in March 2019. This fund was started for “no-coiners” or new investors who are simply interested in making returns on investment without much exposure to the volatile nature cryptocurrencies. The aim of this fund is to stack more money by taking advantage of longing & shorting strategies.

After delivering considerable returns with our BTC Fund in the initial 6 months of operations, our TUSD based hedge fund started with the same principle of engaging in calculated risk, provide downside protection, and deliver consistent returns, having the added hedge against volatility by “taking profit” to 1:1 USD backed TUSD.

As we complete our 1st year of operations today (i.e. 15th September 2019), we would like to thank our investors for bestowing their trust on us when we were nothing, having tagged along for the ride with us, and believing in our vision.

We now have more than 50+ investors comprising of both small and HNI investors from around the globe, plus one institutional investor. We look forward to onboarding two more institutional investors before the end of October.

All this success was only possible through the strong performance of our collective hard work, and also because of the positive ‘word-of-mouth’ from our existing clients.

Useless trivia: Amesten has not spent a single penny in marketing and have not a single mention in any offline/online media.

We did approach one media publisher to write about us, but we eventually dropped the plan, because we believe the money management business is about building trust, and building trust is more important than anything else. We would like to continue the same approach of growing organically.

The Way Forward

Launching the much awaited PoW

PoW stands for ‘Proof of Wealth creation’. As we focussed on providing principle protection and capitalising on opportunities to stack sats in the bearish phase of the market, our focus for this year will be helping investors achieving their goals in a systematic way.

Why and How?

Let’s be really blunt about it: No one knows where the market will top out or bottom out. At least not well in advance. Even with all the prediction charts that have been flashed around a number of times in your online communities or on social media.

Furthermore: Outperforming the market during bullish times is a myth.

As the popular saying goes: ‘An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan’ — Warren Buffet

We strongly believe in this and have always found success with it in any market. Therefore, we can consider ourselves to be a bunch of idiots who always believe the market is supreme, but we are idiots with a plan.

Over the next quarter our team will reach out to our investors for one-on-one conversations to help them set realistic goals, keeping their risk appetite in mind, and devise a management strategy to achieve these goals.

Again, this is to safeguard our clients’ investments and boost profit potential.

Along with this, we will soon stop taking new investments in our BTC based hedge fund as we are going to hit the fund cap soon. Many fund managers fail here; they keep taking new money without gauging the sentiments of market and investors, which often ends up creating a catastrophic mess.

We have a set of rules and mathematical calculations which allow us to perform efficiently. We are going to stick to it, and hence the decision. However, the flow of fresh funds will be allowed into our TUSD based hedge fund for a longer period.

What else is new?

We have revamped our website. Take a look here:


For any enquiries, feel free to mail us on


Team Amesten

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